Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees

epaselect epa04917414 Refugees walk after crossing the border between Macedonia and Greece, near the town of Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 06 September 2015. The Gevgelija-Presevo journey is just a part of the journey that the refugees, the vast majority of them from Syria, are forced to make along the so-called Balkan corridor, which takes them from Turkey, across Greece, Macedonia and Serbia to Hungary, the gateway to the European Union.  EPA/NAKE BATEV (MaxPPP TagID: epalive812417.jpg) [Photo via MaxPPP]

The objectives are to manage the integration of incoming migrants and refugees (extra-EU) and to provide a framework for their inclusion. This will cover: housing, integration, provision of public services, social inclusion, education and labour market measures.

On March 10th, the first meeting of the Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees was held on the Dutch PV in Brussels. This partnership is coordinated by Amsterdam and DG Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission. A large number of participants from Greece and Portugal, Helsinki, Barcelona, Athens and Berlin as well as from Eurocities, CEMR and Urbact, discussed issues regarding EU regulations, funding and knowledge. This first exchange showed that in practice, cities cannot benefit sufficiently from the funding for integration projects provided by the Commission, while cities are most directly confronted with the integration needs of migrants and refugees.  Thus, there are many issues for discussion and improvement.

A Factsheet on the partnership can be downloaded here.


Current participants in the partnership are:

Urban Areas

  • Amsterdam (NL, Coordinator)
  • Barcelona Metropolitan Areas (ES)
  • Berlin (DE)
  • Athens (GR)
  • Helsinki (FI)

Member States

  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Portugal

Other participants

  • European Commission (DG HOME  as Coordinator, DG REGIO, DG EMPL)
  • CEMR
  • EIB
  • Eurocities
  • European Council for Refugees and Exiles
  • Migration Policy Group

For more information, contact Sabina Kekic: 0612733970,